Whenever there’s a thunderstorm coming, something special happens. Whether it’s the aspect of danger, the exhilaration of trying to catch it or just witnessing the raw power of nature. It always gets the adrenaline pumping that little bit more. Perhaps it’s also because here in the north of The Netherlands, spectacular thunderstorms are rare. Anyway, last night was bullseye. So at half past eleven in the evening, I positioned myself in the path of an approaching thunderstorm and started exposing. Also an ideal moment to test the Canon 5Dsr’s low-light capabilities. But more on that later! When photographing lightning, it’s always a hit-and-miss affair. It’s not difficult to catch the moment, but you never know how the lightning will look in the final image. Is it a small and insignificant one? Or are the massive? Anyway, I had a great evening watching the raw power of nature. Have a great weekend everyone!